We ask the following of our Distributors: 

1.  Use their best efforts to sell and support Patriot Strapping's products (Minimum purchases of $25,000 annually) 
2.  Conduct all business associated with Patriot Strapping in a manner which will in no way harm its market presence or reputation
3.  Furnish, to the best of the Distributor's ability, quarterly forecasts of future sales of Patriot Strapping products
4.  Protect and hold as confidential all Patriot Strapping intellectual property and trade secrets
5.  Pay accounts in a timely manner in accordance with the specified terms
6.  Specify Patriot Strapping products in every quote possible
7.  Insure use of all Patriot Strapping products are in accordance with
specifications and to the highest degree of industry standards
8.  Provide warrant support
​ 9.  Form a strong working relationship with Patriot Strapping to build both company's businesses

Thank you for your interest in Patriot Strapping! 

 Patriot Strapping is committed to the highest standards of excellence in business practices and the design, manufacture, sale and installation of quality consumer products.  In pursuit of these goals, Patriot Strapping will provide to its Authorized Distributors the following: 

1.  Documentation, training classes, field assistance, and telephone support
2.  Local sales, marketing, and design assistance
3.  Help in developing sales and promotional materials
4.  Support for local trade shows on a best effort basis
​ 5.  Demonstration kits and materials at a reasonable cost

Be a Patriot buy American Made!